Monday, December 27, 2010

When Snow Comes In The Middle of The Summer

Everything was just how she had planned. Perfect job, perfect car, perfect pets, perfect town, and perfect schedule. It was all so easy. Living to her was routine and she loved it because, she was comfortable.

"She had set her own destiny," people might say. She lived by, "If it is meant to be. . . it will happen," and that made her content.

She had her way with words, she was great. What she felt, she told. In turn, she hoped that her open-ended message would allow them to think they had a choice but really would just lead them to hers instead.
What it left her was brokenness and disbelief. It was snow in the middle of summer.

There is only so far someone can go before they have to stop. When pressure is kept on something it soon will fall over.

In the middle of summer she never would have thought this would happen. Everything was just where it needed to be. She was growing up, staying strong, and living her life in a way that kept her schedule planned and not too far off key. She had done the things she needed to do, and said her "God's will" where it needed to be said. Life was going how she had it planned...

Then it snowed right in the middle of her damn summer. Smacked her in the face when she least expected it. She should have known...

She realized this, that life is not by schedule. Life is not planned. Each day is a new day, a new dawn, and a new chance to be better than she was the day before. She stopped living by what she thought was going to happen and started living by what she felt in that moment. She turned left when others were saying "right". She said "yes" when everyone else was saying "no". She was doing things differently and that was when she realized that life isn't destined by your own plans, and your own hopes. Of course you can turn left when others are telling you right, but in the end you will still get to where you are supposed to be going.

We all think that if we make this choice or tell this person this thing that it will change everything.. it doesn't. && that is what she realized... that after all her words and after giving all her heart and vulnerability it really could end in a way other than she thought.

She thought that it was all going to happen how she had it planned.. she was wrong. She shouldn't have ever put it past her that it possibly could end up snowing in the middle of the summer.

-alexandra elizabeth

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