Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blind Sumerians

Today I am digging up this thought from last fall.

"This morning I woke up with the type of joy many people crave for... Thankful for the new day that our God gave us, I woke up and got ready for class. By the time I made it to breakfast I had even more JOY than I had woken up with. How GREAT is our God?
On this 18th day of November.. I will live it just like normal..
class and work; the non-stop timeline.

Only one more week until we go home to enjoy one of the great holidays of America. Thanksgiving, a day we celebrate to remember the Pilgrims who came over and started this country we call America. The country where garments are made to a size no hungry child can imagine.. Where gold and silver fall out of our pockets like lint. A country that has more idols than the blind Sumerians. The people and the streets are no different than the wretched gimcracks of Rome.

Freedom is the least of our worries when there is no peace.

So, as a prayer, I pray for our free country. She depicts a prison. I pray she will one day become different, That the people will stand up and go against the grain. That our beautiful country will one day strive to be original. This is a prayer that aches for world peace and no partiality.
This "new world" we live in has contorted to the ways of the Romans and Greeks. As Americans we can be different and not strive to be the ones who have it all.. because after all, in the end, these things we call ours are all just worthless pieces of matter that take up space here on earth."

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Drive Home to Mt Dora

The drive from Gainesville to Mt Dora is one that I often take. The more I think about it I could drive it with my eyes closed.

Today, while I was driving down i75, all I could do was sit and talk to Papa. Whether it was through the words in the music or quiet prayers to Him, I
spent that hour and a half with our God. It’s funny how I catch myself singing some of the most beautiful love songs written to a woman by her lover as if I have written them myself. . . just for our King. About halfway through the drive a song came on.
A song I have heard a thousand times and usually skip over because i
t is so overplayed. This time, however, I let it play. I listened to the words by ‘Big Daddy Weave’ and tears began to overwhelm me. In their song What Life Would Be Like they say,
He made the lame walk and the dumb talk
And He opened blinded eyes to see That the sun rises on His time Yet He knows our deepest desperate need.
These words stuck out to me today and while I was sitting there thinking about my life and all the crazy bumps in it, I began to smile because I am not in control. As much as I stress about getting work resumes in, spending time with family, the health of my loved ones, and my education I have yet to remember that God is in control.

The sun rises on His time,” that just puts a smile on my face. =] I immediately wrote my cousin Gabe and told him about those words.
“I am listening to this song and it just reminds me that this WHOLE earth is God’s... All of it, He knows it all and made it all.
“It is so encouraging. . . HIS LOVE,” I said to him...