Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wasted Time

People always worry about wasting time and say things like 'time is of the essence.'

Why is time such a worry? Why must it not be wasted? What makes time 'of the essence'?

Essence is defined as the most essential or vital part of something. So, people are saying that time is most important in their lives.. Well this may very well be true. Time is very important in our lives, we do not get time back and each moment can be used to be bigger and better. Time is a great thing but what gives us this time? How do we make sure that we still have this part of life that is the most essential thing for us?

Our life is measured in heartbeats... With each new breath and each new heartbeat you have more life, you have more time. The very core of our time to be better, to live longer, and experience more things is all based on the amount of time our heart gives us with each beat.

Sitting here thinking about wasted time and asking myself, 'why did you even bother wasting your time,' I began to think about what was worst... The wasted time or the wasted heartbeats that were put into the experience?

I thought about brokenness and healing time and dug deep into what really mattered. I came to a personal conclusion that...

To me the time does not matter. Waste all my time that you want... But shame on you for wasting my heartbeats and my own gift of life that was being measured in each breath. Shame on you for wasting my time in the heartbeats that come after that are needed to fix the hurt that was caused.

Go ahead and waste the time... Waste the minutes in the days and the hours in the weeks... But think about the core, the heart, the soul, the feelings and emotions behind the time that you are wasting. Is it fair? I really don't think it is at all.

-Allie Mason

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